U.S. Battery 6-Volt Deep Cycle Golf Cart Batteries


Manufactured using U.S. Battery’s own Diamondplate Technology, this line of deep cycle batteries offers exceptional value for small to medium sized systems. They can offer up to twice the cycle life of a standard 12V marine or RV deep cycle battery. Install two in series for 12 volts, or more for higher voltage systems.

Manufacturer: U.S. Battery
Manufacturer Website: www.usbattery.com
  • 232Ah, 6 Volt Golf Cart – US2200XC2
  • 242Ah, 6 Volt Golf Cart – US125XC2
  • 251Ah, 6 Volt Golf Cart – US145XC2
  • 420Ah, 6 Volt L16 – USL16HCXC

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