PRO Series Inverter


  • 1000/1800W inverter easily powers TVs, small appliances, and other electronics
  • Built-in 15A circuit breaker to protect GFCI connected loads
  • Up to 15A/20A pass through for hardwired loads for XM1000/XM1800 respectively
  • Digital remote control displays power output, AC source and battery voltage
  • Detachable remote control can be mounted wherever convenient
  • Conformal coated electronics provide moisture resistance
  • Designed to be hard-wired using a terminal strip or by connecting AC through a GFCI receptacle (included)
  • Battery over-voltage and under-voltage protection
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Ground fault protection
Models Part number Input voltage AC output
XM 1000 806-1010 12V GFCI and/or Hardwire
XM 1800 806-1810 12V GFCI and/or Hardwire


Accessories Part number
XM 1000 remote control panel 808-7122
XM 1800 remote control panel 808-7134
XM 25ft remote cable assembly 806-1010-25
Manufacturer: Xantrex
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