MidNite Solar Classic Charge Controller Series


  • Solar, wind and hydro MPPT modes
  • Exclusive Hyper VOC extends VOC limits
  • Battery Charge voltage of 12-93 volts
  • HyperVOC mode (add the battery voltage to the operating voltage for VOC rating) maximum of 48 volts
  • Solar, Wind and Hydro MPPT modes
  • Get 50-250% more power from hydro and wind turbines
  • Learning mode for Solar, Wind and Hydro
  • User programmable for most all battery charging wind turbines (may require the Clipper)
  • Built in string sizing and battery sizing programs
  • Built in voltage drop calculator for PV wiring in AWG and Metric
  • Knows when sun up and sundown are to take place anywhere in the world.
  • Secure data monitoring and logging
  • Arc fault detector reduces threat of fire
  • Built in DC-GFP without the hassle of fuses
  • Graphics display panel USB port for uploading firmware updates and data logging to a PC or Mac
  • Graphics display turns into an oscilloscope
  • Battery voltage supported up to 72 for the Classic150, 200 and 250. 120 volts for Classic 250KS
  • Two aux outputs: 1 dry contact relay and one 12v output/ input
    32 megabytes of onboard storage
  • Snap on covers and hole plugs allow sealed or vented operation
  • Five-year warranty
Model/Prod# Rated Amps Max VOC Max Operating Voltage Max Battery Voltage
Classic 150 80-96A 198V 150V 72V
Classic 200 65-74A 248V 200V 72V
Classic 250 55-60A 298V 250V 72V
Manufacturer: MidNite Solar
Manufacturer Website: www.midnitesolar.com

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