12V Portable Solar Panels by Canadian Energy


This high quality waterproof 140W folding solar kit is designed to provide free power for charging 12V batteries, for example in vehicles and boats ( motorhome , caravan, camper, narrow boat, yacht etc) or any other systems with a 12V battery or battery bank.

It comes with everything needed for battery charging: advanced 12V solar charge controller, 5m cable with a battery plug, fuse and crocodile clips. You can start using the kit in seconds – just connect it to your battery and find a well-lit area for the folding solar panels.

The kit comes with a stand which is very easy to set up and fix. A handle and latches ensure ease of storage and portability. Storage case included with the kit is made with a layer of foam, so it will protect the glass and the frame well and prevent any accidental.

Manufacturer Power Size Weight Type
Canadian Energy 140 Watt 43 x 32 x 1.5 inches 28 lbs Poly
Manufacturer: Canadian Energy
Manufacturer Website: https://www.cdnrg.com/

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